My platform consists of three pillars:

  • Academics: Rice primarily exists as a place for exploring scholarly interests and expanding our view of the world. I am passionate about ensuring students are afforded every opportunity to reach their intellectual potential. 

  • Connection: The SA exists for the Rice student body. You deserve to know who we are, what we do, and benefit from our actions. We are a resource to connect you to other resources that empower you to make the impacts you dream!

  • Iterative improvement: The SA made significant organizational improvements over this past year, but there's still areas it can grow, and I am a proponent of working within the system to change it. I will promote a culture of mentorship and thoroughly expand and clarify documents and expectations for both NSRs and committee chairs to increase their capacity for impact.


Together, we will create an SA that leaves a legacy by embodying these core values:


Clear and organized communication is essential for an effective organization. I will work with the External Vice President to ensure the Rice community is aware of what happens in the SA. It’s important to me that the different committees are easily able to view each other’s work to compare notes, as well as engage with other areas of the SA. Hence, I will be strongly encouraging both committee chairs and committee members to be active in the SA Slack channel, committee chairs to attend meetings with other members of the SA to stay in the loop on other projects, and I hope to periodically attend college Senate meetings as IVP. We need to be in the loop on each other’s activities so we can find places to connect and grow together!


Silos are the enemy of synergy; the success of the SA is dependent on the connections its members have with each other, as well as with administration. The more familiar members of the SA are with each other, the more effectively they will work together and make an impact with their projects. Similarly, members of the SA need to have strong, positive relationships with administrators and a passion for working together to achieve the same goals: the wellbeing and experience of students at Rice. I have experienced so much growth and learning as Academics Committee Co-Chair by learning about all of the different offices and administrators on campus, and have supported members of my committee as they endeavor to create a master list of resources so it is easier for students to fully utilize everything Rice has to offer! Another area I hope to lay the foundation for is greater Athlete engagement with the SA and for a broader, empowered voice on campus. 


The primary role of the IVP is to empower the Rice community and advocate for change on campus through their New Student Representatives and committees. Analogously, Committee Chairs should be encouraging their individual committee members to pursue independent projects, and NSRs should be empowered to take on greater ownership of their role in the SA and on campus. One of the areas I hope to personally grow through this role is my ability to have ICNU (I see in you) conversations, which involve calling out abilities and skills I see in others to encourage them to take on greater ownership and leadership in their roles. 

Any questions? Let's get in touch!

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