Reform NSR program

  1. Ideally host person NSR events/networking since COVID prevented that this year :/

  2. Mock senate, so NSRs know what to expect, feel more prepared, and can more effectively engage during Senate meetings

  3. Additional retreat for NSRs (on top of the Fall SA retreat) for bonding with others in the same role in the SA and additional training on SA practices (like writing legislation)

  4. NSR opinion vote during Senate so they feel more engaged and have a record of how they would have voted for their future SA involvement/additional data points for the campus’s position on legislation​

More effective committee communication

  1. Recruiting committee chairs in the Spring and work with/train them over the summer

  2. Build on Kendall’s/the current IVP’s committee chairs guide, including more best practices and clearer expectations and instruction

  3. Encourage committee chairs to attend MEEPS and Senate meetings to be more connected to other members of the SA

  4. Establish monthly meetings between the IVP and committee chairs

  5. Broaden the use of the shared committees google drive and have a master spreadsheet of meetings and project info so committees can easily see what each other are working on and collaborate!​

SA environment

  • Increase athlete engagement and voice in the SA

  • Promote the use of the SA Slack for a centralized communication location by providing trainings

  • Periodically visit college senates to get a better sense of issues students are facing at the college level

Have a project idea?

I’m excited to hear all your ideas for improving our Rice experience. Feel free to add your idea to this spreadsheet and let us know all about it!

Want to join a committee?

If elected, I will be recruiting committee chairs for next year during this semester!

If you might be interested in being a committee chair or joining a committee, fill out this form. (It’s in no way binding - just thought I’d collect a list of names so the future IVP has somewhere to start!)

List of committees (for reference):


Academics, Athletics, Beyond the Hedges, Diversity and Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, Wellbeing, Students with

Disabilities, Student Life, Student Health Services

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