Hi, I'm Madison!

I am a sophomore at Martel studying Computational & Applied Mathematics, Psychology, and Cognitive Science with a minor in Data Science. I’m originally from DFW in Texas (specifically Aledo, if you know the area). I’m excited to work with you as Student Association Internal Vice President, to keep the SA running efficiently and making a difference for everyone in the Rice Undergraduate Community! I hope this page gives you a more personal view into who I am (since COVID-19 prevents us from meeting in person :/ ), why I’m a uniquely good fit for the role, and a peek into how I spend my time. 

So...why am I running?

The primary duties of the SA IVP involve overseeing the New Student Representatives and Standing Committees, along with administrative duties like managing internal conflicts and planning resource workshops and retreats.

A successful IVP is:

  • Organized and has good time management

  • Flexible and highly communicative

  • Sociable, friendly, approachable, and encouraging

  • Reliable, accountable and consistent

  • Willing to act, not just talk about it

Read on to see how I have gained these skills through

my past and present leadership experiences, and why I am qualified to fulfill the duties of the SA IVP.


In the SA:
  • As Co-Chair of the Academics Committee this past year, I have been involved in numerous projects, including:

    • Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on academic accommodations and support systems (including the Academic Fellows)

    • Gathering feedback on the creation of a centralized tutoring center

    • Recommending improvements to current course catalog and teacher evaluations

    • Laying the groundwork for creating a “research board” to increase awareness of and expand access to research opportunities

    • Creating a centralized “master list” of resources and opportunities at Rice

    • Collaborating with the Graduate Student Association to advocate for increased undergraduate involvement in the faculty hiring process

    • Provided feedback on potential changes to general education requirements

  • As part of my role, I had conversations with: President Leebron, Provost DeRoches, and administrators in the Office of Academic Advising, the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry, the Center for Career Development, and members of the Faculty Senate. 

  • The Academics Committee also includes 1/5 of all NSR's, whom I have had the opportunity to and work directly with this semester.

  • Outside my committee, I am advocating for increased athlete engagement and voice within the SA! 

Beyond the SA:
  • Project Management Team Lead at AllPeople

    • When I joined a startup for my internship this past summer, there were few organizational or accountability measures for the interns, so there was little productivity. Not content with sitting back and doing nothing, I brainstormed and implemented ideas to reshape the company’s internal organization. I assigned interns to teams, designated team leads, and instituted structure. Then I recruited, interviewed, and trained about 50 interns from universities across the country to grow the organization. The people management skills I gained perfectly translate to the IVP role!


  • Engagement Manager at 180 Degrees Consulting

    • On my first project with this club at Rice, I was placed in charge of a team that included MBAs, PhDs, and Undergrads and acted as a liaison with our client. I learned how to work alongside people in very different stages of life, as well as represent the organization and articulate my team’s questions well to external stakeholders. ​


  • Head Peer Career Advisor for Martel with the Center for Career Development

    • I meet one on one with students at Martel (and beyond) to talk about their resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and overall career interests. I also work with my college PCA team to plan and execute events and workshops to help students better articulate their Rice experiences to get jobs!


  • Overnight Host with the Student Admissions Council

    • I hosted 9 prospies (and adopted several others) last fall, and shared my enthusiasm for Rice with numerous interested high school seniors online this fall. I develop individual relationships with these students and understand their specific needs, so I can to represent Rice well. When we are on campus, my prospies have a detailed menu of options, including a tour of all the college commons, nap stairs at Moody, Fondy 6th, and/or attending Zumba with me! 

Get to know me better!

A closer view into my life and what makes me happy :)


How I spend my time

  • My quarantine hobby has been making smoothies--strawberry-raspberry-banana-vanilla is my favorite!

  • How I stay active:

    • Zumba! (Zoomba lately... AKA dancing around in my room)

    • Going on LOOONNGGG walks (my record is 19.2 miles in a day!) while talking with friends to stay socially connected and *sane*

    • Intramural volleyball (pre-COVID)-- Martel might not have won any games last year, but we’re coming for you!

  • I love listening to podcasts, or more accurately, just this one (if you want to get me on a 5-hr tangent, just mention “empire vs shalom”)

  • Zoom/Just Dance parties with my friends and the girls from Cru!

  • Babysitting & making no-bake cookie dough 

Favorite things

  • Food: besides smoothies, I love Tex-Mex (I may or may not have an addiction to Chipotle), cookie dough ice cream, and guacamole (my great-grandfather's recipe with cream cheese is a must-try)!​

  • Music: I'm always down to sing along with songs that help me connect with my faith, throwbacks, and bops that make me dance like an idiot in my room (see Classic by MKTO). I've included a few of my favorites in this Spotify playlist!

Feel like any are missing from my playlist? Add your favs to this community playlist and see what we listen to as a Rice community!

  • TV: ​Criminal minds, Numb3rs, Bones, The Mentalist, Psych, Monk, White Collar, Leverage, Chuck, Marvel's Agents of Shield, Forged in Fire... and basically all Disney sitcoms (because nostalgia)

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